Okay, so, I've been to this place like 4 times. I love it. My boyfriend and I went yesterday and had such a great time. Our server was great, the food was great. The visit before, however, was horrible. The server completely ignored my friend and me. My drink was empty literally the entire meal, she never came over to check on us, and when I asked for separate checks she brought over one and left before I could correct her. I'm a server, too. I get bad days. But she was only ignoring my table. The other tables she had, she was very attentive and friendly. Towards my friend and me, she was almost hostile. I debated coming back. After this last trip though, I'm glad I did. I'll just make sure to never have that one server again.

Bridget Conlogue

Came from California and brought to Js by our hosts. Sat at the bar and enjoyed the friendly attitudes of the waitress/bar tender. Watched one employee shuck ing oysters the whole time we were there. The restaurant was busy, so those oysters didn't sit on the ice too long. Had the raw oysters with fresh horseradish and cocktail sauce. Delicious. Ordered the lobster dinner that came with steamers and corn. Generous portions, filled up. The lobster was delicious, the steamers also and the corn was good too. They give you a big bowl to pit the calm shells and lobster shells. Overall, a great experience. Would definitely go back!

Irene Mora Vasquez

Best steamers ever. There was not as much sand as there usually is in all the steamers I've ever eaten in my life. The lobster stew was perfect consistency and quite tasty. It was not too creamy. Oysters were fresh as well. No complaints.

Bloody mary was also delish.

Charmed O.

My husband and I got here on a Tuesday evening but it was still quite busy. When we got in, nobody came to serve us so we just sat ourselves at the bar. Not a great start, but the bar staffs friendliness made up for it during the rest of our time there.

We had the seafood platter appetizer, it came out in a fair portion - 2 pieces each of fresh oyster, lobster claw, scallop, shrimp, and some crab meat. I really enjoyed it and even my husband who's not fond of raw seafood had the oyster! We also shared a shrimp scampi, which my husband really liked though I though it was a bit too oily and blend.

After our meal, we stayed a bit longer, had some local beer on tap, and caugh a bunch of water pokemon (J's is a pokestop and a lure was on - how could I resist?)

Ying C.

J's is a bit divey but don't let that put you off. The food is really good so don't let this put you off. The seafood here is delish! The lobster roll was the best I have had so far in Maine. Lots of fresh lobster on a caramelized bun, lettuce, with mayo on the side. The chowder was equally good and the have either clam or Haddock chowder. The broth was very delicate with some peppery hints. Great food and friendly service at the bar. The food gets a 5, service a 4, space inside a 2, outside is a 3. I would definitely go back agin for the food and the location is right downtown with ample parking in the area.

Douglas A.

As expected the briny backwash of oysters on the half was the lead off to a great dinner on my recent and first visit to this food mecca. J's is one of the places you have to experience. We also enjoyed the lobster and seafood casserole. This will be a repeat for sure.

Jon S

Every time we visit Portland, we make it a point to have dinner at J's. This is not your fancy, high end restaurant, but your basic good food and good service eatery. It is always crowded, which is always a good sign. Be prepared to wait, but it is worth it.

Wayne S

Heard about J's from our hotel front staff at Fireside Inn & Suites... so good we ate there 3 times!! Super friendly staff and great value for price. Without a doubt, the lobster stew and bouillabaisse were to die for!! It gets crowded and out door seating is a premium during nice weather. Jake the chef, came out to tell us his secrets in making the lobster stew. Yummy!

Sheri N.

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